The inspiration. A thought mover: THE BIANCA GONZALES

I’m a person who’s hard to please, not so particular with famous people really but Bianca Gonzales’ personality really interests me…

I just remember the very first time I joined Twitter, the single most person I have in my mind,to follow is Bianca Gonzales. Yeah, she’s my super girl crush back in high school. I first saw her on TV when she’s still in Pinoy Big Brother House and from then on, I’m a fan.

I admire her so much. I love the way she dresses up. She’s a humble person (I don’t know her personally,but yeah I can see it), she’s pretty inside and out and most of all, BRILLIANT.Every time I watch SNN, I do pay attention when she talks, I’m observing her facial expression, the way she pronounces words and her gestures it’s just that she’s really convincing and very sophisticated.

I so love ATENEO, it’s the very first school I had in mind when I was still in high school that I want to enroll in but geography is the problem and the money. Knowing that Ate Bianca is an ATENISTA, it even added my love for her. (So we’re loving the same school). And we both love McDo. ♥♥♥

She’s also a Unicef Member, an organization works for children’s rights, their survival, development and protection. See how thoughtful and humble this person is? Inspite of her popularity she even manage to help people.

I am in love with the super girl wannabe blog “”, her blog is sophisticated and inspiring (one reason why I’m doing this now). I find it really sweet every time she features her fans in there, saying how happy and grateful she is to have ‘em and how blessed she is to have the people around her-Optimistic person indeed! she’s really worth admiring! (I never missed reading a post of hers btw).

‎”strangers can definitely touch and move you, in the exact time that you may need it. pay it forward and go out of your way to do something nice for a total stranger. you’ll never know, they just might need it too.” 🙂 – Bianca Gonzalez

I Love You Bianca Gonzales, keep inspiring!


Regine Servallos ❤

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