Thoughts from a girl who go SKYPE-ing in an exam week

Midterms examinations week.

Normal studs do study for their exams, so what am I? abnormal?. haha. Instead of studying for my brain-squeezing nursing subject exam the next day, I’ve gone SKYPE-ing ( I never study btw). lol

16th of August 2011- Tuesday

Met a lot of people with different personalities in there, there were naughty, annoying, nerdy, geniuses, and funny peps. There was this one guy, whom I chatted before that, and was blocked by me for some reason, told me to unblock him and so we can talk. haha. So yeah I did unblock him right then and we did talk.

From 9:01 pm in RP time and 9am in his time, we’ve talked with cam. He was sooooo funny to talk to, really brilliant. The topics were very random, it’s just popped out of nowhere like how couldLONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP possibly work out, what it’s like to be married, and what if feels to be living here in the Philippines and etc. T’was officially the best convo I’ve ever had. We ended up sleeping together at 3:41 am, good thing my exam starts at 1pm.haha.

So yeah, He was the best stranger I met on the web, pretty far from those hornydogs in the chat site, he was totally DIFFERENT. From then on though, we haven’t talked yet. 😦 and I must admit, I miss him.

To: Preston Richardson


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