Bian-cause I love Bianca Gonzalez

NAME: Regine Servallos

AGE: 19

SCHOOL: University of San Jose-Recoletos, a 4th Year Nursing Student

CITY: Cebu City

TWITTER: @enigerS


FAVORITE BLOG POST : 22 July 2011 touched by a stranger.

WHY: The first time I’ve read that post, I was even amazed of how thoughtful of a person you are,to think that you are very famous,you act like you are just an ordinary person, talking to people you meet outside your “working world”. You know, I was really touched when I got to read this “strangers can definitely touch and move you, in the exact time that you may need it. pay it forward and go out of your way to do something nice for a total stranger. you’ll never know, they just might need it too”.–by this thought alone, you can give people a picture of your true personality. Only few celebs has the heart like yours, helping people in need(inspite of your busy scheds, empowering people through the web and that I can truly say that you deserve the “THOUGHT MOVER” Title. I’m telling you this not to exaggerate things or whatsoever but mainly because I just love you for who you are,and I love being so INSPIRED by you: YOU MADE ME START TO BLOG( You’ve already read my first blog for you, and I wanna thank you for reading it ❤


WHY: If ever I’d win, I would love to give it to my Mom, it’s her birthday this coming September 6 and it will be the 4th time that she’ll be celebrating her birthday without me, because she’s in Biliran Province and I am studying here in Cebu(10hours away). I would wanna give her a special gift but since I’m depending on her for my allowance, every thing I will buy is basically out from her money and I’m afraid my savings won’t be enough to buy something until the end of this semester. So yeah, I’m grabbing the chance to win the Nike item. THANK YOU ate Bianca, Hope you could read this… i love you to the heavens and beyond ♥♥♥


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