My Emergency Room duty.

The second time to be assigned in the Emergency room: I had two straight graveyard shifts in the ER, in a Public Hospital in Cebu City. I was seriously feeling anxious because that hospital is a big one and most of the patients that are brought there are critical. So yeah, on the first day, I together with my partner Eloise was assigned in the Dengue section, it was a separate room, just like a ward and there’s only one confirmed dengue patient lying there, although there were two who are still under observation. Some of my duty mates were assigned at Internal Medicine, Surgical, OB, Pedia section. IM, Surgical, & Pedia Section are the busiest. In the surgical, at 10pm, a very old woman is intubated (SO is holding the Bag Valve Mask) catheterized, unconscious. Another patient was rushed with a bandage around the head, massive rushing out of blood in the forehead, like after an hour or so, she had a seizure. It was the very first time that I’ve seen a patient having seizure, I was seriously nervous good thing it only last for less than 5minutes, though when she was sent to the X-ray Department, she had another seizure. In the Pedia section, there were a lot of kids rushed. Around 4am, a 1-month old baby was brought by her mom, it was very urgent because the baby is cyanotic already. *Code 89,Code 89, Code 89* Doctors intubated the baby, performed CPR for almost an hour, but unfortunately the baby died. It’s real sad to see the significant others, especially the parents cry. Like I can really feel how they feel, I was almost teary-eyed. My duty mate did the post mortem.


On the second day 9/13/11:

Only few patients were there. My heart melted for the boy, who kept on crying because he can’t void, even if he’s in catheter, blood draws from it. He’s with his Grandma.I seriously cried in the Rest Room, I pity them both coz they don’t have money for operation. I prayed to God for at least he’ll feel better, he was crying non-stop. 😦 His grandma kept on checking the doctor in the Nurses Station every time. An intern tried to drain the catheter, pus and blood came out from it. They said the kid needs a Urologist to check on him coz there’s none in that hospital at that moment. I was saddened really. Until now, I can’t help but think how is he doing now. I hope he’s in good condition. 😦